Disourse: Hiphop in contemporary arts

SL C Vayssie 25
- Foto: César Vayssié

Hiphop is a lifestyle and extends far beyond just being linked to genre and form. A clear contemporary tendency is that the methodology and stylistic characteristics that come from Hiphop bleed into contemporary art, contemporary dance and popular culture. What makes much of contemporary art and dance borrow, appropriate and celebrate Hiphop - in terms of methods, expressions, formats and ideas?

The panel is dance artists Jens Jeffry Trinidad and Camilla Tellefsen and director for the record label Oslo Records, Øyvind Hlmboe Basmo. The conversation will be moderated by Geir Haraldseth, curator at the National Museum.

The panel discussion takes place after the performance Silent Legacy by Maud Le Pladec

Silent Legacy, 08. - 10. March

Kalokagathia, 29. February - 03. March

Carcaça, 03. - 05. May