Hva leter du etter?

Stockton, California: Please be kind to each other

We have asked a number of artists around the world what they do in quarantine and isolation during the influenza pandemic that is raging across the globe. Maybe it could be inspiration or tell us something more about the world we live in today? Orlando Zeps Molina is at home in California.

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For several years Zeps was the host and MC at Urban Moves, Norways largest street dance festival at Dansens Hus. He is also a music producer and author of the hip-hop kids book series "Rhymosaurs".

Where are you now, and what is status quo?
At home in Stockton California where we have "shelter in place" and "stay at home" orders.

What routines have you made for yourself?
We have a backyard so i make sure to get outside playtime with my kids and also take my dog on walks. Vaping jazz tobacco and taking care of my plants and flowers is also very nice.

What do you read?
Comic books, little kids books to my daughter and ridiculous corona memes on Instagram. What are you watching? We just got Disney+ so lots of Marvel cartoons and Disney movies. Also anime like One Punch Man and My Hero Academia.
What are you listening to? The birds outside. They seem pretty happy and i feel like i can hear them sing more now. Also new albums from my friends like Dama Nilz, BMR (Billion Man Rebellion) and Braxy.
How do you move? I play music and let the rhythm take me where it pleases. I also walk a lot, and occasionally go to the grocery store for snack attacks.
What inspires you? All of my artists friends teaching, sharing, streaming and spreading love. Also comedians are enjoyable hearing them find funny takes in these wild times.
If you could send a message that would reach everyone, worldwide what would it be? Please be kind to each other. Be safe, and also watch the movie "Demolition Man" with Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes. They found a way to wipe their butts after going dooky with seashells. Maybe Americans can figure that out so they don't fight over toilet paper. LOL

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