Hva leter du etter?

Simensbråten, Oslo: Running the desolate streets at night.

Ingri Fiksdal maneuvers kindergarden at home, corona news and running in desolate streets at night.

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Ingri Fiksdal works as a choreographer, and holds a Ph.d. in artistic research from Oslo National Academy of the Arts, with the project Affective Choreographies. Ingri creates works aiming to discover new mental states, experiences, thoughts and ideas. She believes art can be used for change, by taking on a role as «totally useless», in a society where most other things has a known function.

Where are you now, and what’s the status quo?
I’m at home in my home office, also known as the «home kindergarden».

What sort of routines have you made for yourself?
We, the adults, take turns working and building lego/drawing/swinging/baking/making slime/playing football/throwing toys down the slide/dressing the dolls/riding trains, etc.

What are you reading?
I don’t have time to read much besides emails and corona news, but tomorrow we have a few lessons at the research school I’m a part of, where we’re reading Caliban and the Witch, by Silvia Federici, so that should be good for the brain.

What are you watching?
The new season of Better Call Saul, or Debatten on NRK.

What are you listening to?
When I go running in desolate streets at night, I listen to the podcast «Nå er det alvor» (It’s serious now).

How do you move?
Besides the running, I maneuver through obstacles like chairs/pillows/blankets/tables in the living room, to the soundtrack of the Beverly Hills Cop theme.

What inspires you?
I was supposed to have been busy with rehearsals for a new performance in collaboration with Fredrik Floen, but since we can’t meet we’ve exchanged that with a bit of home work. We’ve been looking at different material, including the books about Binti by Nnedi Okorafor, which I found very inspiring.

If you could send out a message that would reach everyone in the world, what would you say? If I were to send a message to everyone in the world (even though that feels a bit pretentious) it would probably be about the need to expand social evenness, and the necessity of the west stepping down their consumption, if we are to have a future.

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