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Art in the pandemic: Pedro Gómez-Egaña

How does the pandemic influence the artists? Visual artist Pedro Gómez-Egaña is the man behind a choregraphed installation for Carte Blanche, appropriately allowing only one audience at the time.

The world is a different place due to the pandemic. How has this affected you as an artist?
The main effect the pandemic has had on me is that it has made me very impatient to witness all sorts of change.

Are there any positive effects of the situation in your case?
I guess that impatience is positive. It forces me to ask why it is that I haven’t taken the first step. The pandemic has also made me more angry, and that has been very welcome.

If you should suggest three inspiring things to see digitally, what would they be?
If I had to recommend something digital in a time where the digital is at the same time saturated and incapable of replacing the contact and presence we all miss so much, I would recommend an app called Zero_views. It’s an app that you launch and it shows you a succession of Youtube videos that no one has seen, except for the person who uploaded it. I love that there’s an algorithm dedicated to finding things that didn’t manage to catch anyone’s attention.

What do you look most forward to when the pandemic finally is over?
Promiscuity of course.

Solids, 11.–13. June

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