Hva leter du etter?

Alexander Kiellands plass, Oslo: Mental check-in with hangout on Zoom.

Norway’s «Vogue mami», Cassandra, masters technique and precision by focusing on small details, such as hands and arms. She arranges vogue balls, functions as judge and mentor, and teaches a style of dance that deals with posture, posing, and how to stand and walk. Vogue relates to and complements many other styles of dance.

Cassandra Moldenhauer

Where are you now, and what’s the status quo? At home in my apartment on Alexander Kiellands plass. I live alone, and have truly realized just how social my life normally is. I’m an introvert by nature, but can come across quite outgoing, as someone who enjoys showing herself off — especially on the runway. But actually, this is where I thrive — home alone.

What sort of routines have you made for yourself? It took me a week to get into a good flow. Now I have dance classes over Zoom at 9 AM three days a week, to kickstart my days. I practice yoga and/or mediation to calm my thoughts and keep me grounded. I love filling in my calendar! My Google calendar is full of colors from morning until evening: Zoom meetings, washing windows, lunch, workout, nap time (important!) etc. etc. It motivates me to complete plans I’ve made.

What are you reading? «Your body — your yoga». I was supposed to do a long awaited yoga course («jeg skulle ta en etterlengtet yoga teacher» ?) at Bali in May that got cancelled, so now I’m reading the syllabus as a constellation prize.

What are you watching? Oh, lord. I guess this is supposed to be inspirational, but I can’t lie… So, here we go: Love Island UK season 6. And knitting tutorials! I’ve learned to knit these weeks.

What are you listening to? Highasakite and Deftones. And Satsang, «Remember Jah», is on repeat these days.

How do you move? Yoga. Handstand challenge, I practice every day. Strength training with the Meraki kids on Zoom. Voguing in my living room when I’m in the mood, and practice walking the runway. Both my floor and the downstairs neighbors are unimpressed with me walking in heels inside.

What inspires you? My vogue family: House of Ninja and Kiki House of Meraki. My Ninja siblings are quarantined all over the world, so we send each other videos, voice messages and have hangouts and meetings on Zoom. The Meriaki family are close by here in Oslo, so I feel as close to them as ever, although the contact is digital these days. We encourage each other in our WhatsApp chat, initiate yoga sessions and strength training on Zoom, have Netflix parties, etc. I was inspired by Brené Brown to do mental checkins with everyone when we hang out on Zoom. It feels good to hear everyone’s various feelings about what’s going on, and to be able to say out load how we are.

If you could send out a message that would reach everyone in the world, what would you say? It’s a cliché, but it’s true: There is something to learn from every situation.

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