NP2 A1338

The games we play

Speedy parkour!

Foto: NORA/ Dag Jensen. Hovedbilde: Kyrre Skogstad.

    The Games We Play is a dance performance inspired by parkour focusing on the importance of playing. Parkour is an athletic, urban, and acrobatic way of moving. This performance combines parkour and dance, and becomes a tribute to risky playfulness and offers a experience full of energy.
    With the help from a metallic frame, a table, three chairs and a small ball, stories are told about friendship, fear, playgrounds, school yards, the first love but most of all about playing.
    The performers are not relating to the differences in the sexes, but in this performance they are equally strong and participating, and not coloured by traditional perceptions of the sexes.

    Prepare for a highly energetic experience!

    Duration: 45 min.

    Creative team