Om komponisten - Eivind Lønning

Eivind Lonning Foto Henrik Beck 900

Eivind Lønning (1983) is a composer and musician, and an important and active musician on the creative Nordic music scene. He is internationally recognised for his sensitive and personal sound, which can be felt not only through the ears, but also physically through the skin and presence. His compositions for the trumpet are structured with clear boundaries, yet still allow for free improvisation. His experience with a range of techniques for playing the trumpet have created a unique repertoire. Eivind has received several awards, including the Young Lindeman Award with Streifenjunko, the Spellemann Award for contemporary music, together with Christian Wallumrød (2014), and the jazz award with Marius Neset and the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra (2015). He has also twice been nominated for the Nordic Council’s Music Award.

Tide, 07. - 10. February 2019