Hvordan verdsette eller låne kultur uten å appropiere?

In conversation: Lisa Andrine Bernhoft-Sjødin, Thomas Talawa Prest, Maritea Dæhlin and Jessica Lauren Elizabeth Taylor.

What can cultural appreciation look like without appropriation? How can Black Indigenous stories be centered in a Scandinavian contemporary performance context? How does a globalised language affect the body politic? In this panel discussion, the participants will dialogue on the issues of cultural commodification, problematic pleasures and gendered performativity in everyday life. The discussion is free and open to all. Limited seats, first come, first served.

Welcome Saturday September 4th lørdag 4.th 20.30-21.30 at Dansens Hus.

Lisa Andrine Bernhoft-Sjødin
is an art worker, exhibition organiser and writer. She contributes regularly to the Oslo-based art platform and publishing house Objektiv Publishing on her integrated platform ArtConstructs. On her platform she publishes texts and writeups wanting to establish a new language on diversity in the arts, exploring spaces for voices outside of the heteronormativity of the art world. She is currently the curator education for the inaugural Opening Exhibition "Jeg kaller det kunst" in 2021 at the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design.


Maritea Dæhlin

is an interdisciplinary artist who alternates between living and working in Norway and Mexico. Her work includes theatre performances, text, video and sound installation and has been shown at venues and festivals in Europe, Latin America and North America. Dæhlin's studies include a BA in Devised Theatre w/Digital Arts at Dartington College of Arts in England (2007-2010) and a 2-year acting course at Nordic Black Express in Oslo (2005-2007). She is one of Black Box teater's associated artists in the period of 2021–2022.


Thomas Talawa Prestø
is an internationally renowned lecturer, instructor, choreographer and performer. Thomas is the founder and Artistic Director of Tabanka Dance Ensemble and creator of the Talawa Technique™. He holds a Master Degree in Choreography from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Thomas has toured 28 countries with Tabanka Dance Ensemble and has held masterclasses in the Talawa Technique™ in 44 countries to date. Having successfully branded and profiled Africana dance technique and aesthetics Thomas is internationally sought after as a lecturer and consultant on audience development strategies. Thomas regularly consults on Audience Development, Empowerment and Anti Racism as well as Decolonial Art. Thomas currently sits in six boards and is pursuing a doctorate at Høgskolen i Østfold.


Jessica Lauren Elizabeth Taylor

is an artist, filmmaker, writer and community organizer. Her roots are in the Southern United States, born in Mississippi and bred in Florida on former Timucan land. Taylor's work manifests through performance, text, dialogue and community building for Black People and People of Color. Her work centers on themes of ritual, visibility and identity mythology. She is chiefly concerned with ways to dismantle oppressive institutions and the creation of racial equity in art and theater. Taylor is newly based in Oslo.

Hybris, 02. - 05. September 2021