SL C Vayssie 08

Hip hop dancer at the age of four.

Mandy, the moter of Adeline Kerrys Cruz, gives us an insight in Adeline's path into dance.

Foto: César Vayssié

    We listened to a lot of hip-hop music when Adeline was a baby and she always seemed to move with these big aggressive motions. We decided to put her in hip-hop dance when she was 4 at Urban Element Zone. In her first class they taught her the elements of hip-hop (D.J., Graffiti, B-Boy, Beatbox). We knew we were in the right place. At the time, she was taking ballet and hip hop, and truly loved both. She always loved to dance and when the music played anywhere she couldn’t help but feel it inside of her. At the end of each class, they had a cypher, where the students would get to do a solo in the circle. It took her a lot of courage to work her way up to being brave enough to step in, but eventually, she did, and sometimes, it was hard to get her out.

    In 2019, she auditioned to be part of a hip-hop troupe at UEZ and she made it. She had never been prouder of herself. She practiced the moves with her dad in the living room and was constantly dancing in front of the mirror. In 2020, she was just about to have her first dance competition when the pandemic hit and all dance classes stopped. At the time, her studio did not offer anything online but she had a heart for dancing and nothing could stop her. She continued to dance in the mirror and put on shows at home.

    In 2020 we were contacted by Jacob Jonas Dance Company who had seen some videos that her father had posted on his personal Instagram of her dancing. He asked if she wanted to be in one of their films as part of the series. She was so incredibly happy to take lessons again, this time on Zoom, with the world renowned krumper, Russell Fergusson. The director of the film, Vincent L’Ortie, wanted to show expression through dance and decided to use the krump style as the medium for expression. Adeline had never taken krump classes before. After a couple weeks of rehearsals, she starred in the video. From that moment forwarded, she became completely overtaken by the dance style. It was almost as though the small vocabulary Russell had showed her had allowed her to express herself in a way that she was never able to before.

    In March of 2021, she connected with Parisian born krumper, JrMaddrip who was living in Montreal, and had studied for years under one of the originators of krump, Tighteyes. JrMaddripp took Adeline under his guidance and helped her develop her own vocabulary of Krump. He never taught her how to dance, but rather guided her in expressing herself. She began to learn the art of storytelling through dance and how powerful dance could be in expressing her emotions, ideas, and even imagination. She earned the name, “lil one”. In the summer of 2021 she performed with Les 7 Doigts de la Main as a dancer alongside JrMaddripp and was so incredibly proud to be dancing alongside her personal idol. Adeline lived to Lab with JrMadddrip, and she couldn’t believe that she got to perform with him in a live show.

    Silent Legacy, 08. - 10. March