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Wreck - list of extinct species, 14.–15. September 2018

Wreck - list of extinct species,
14.–15. September 2018

Spilles: Fri 14. Sep 2018 Sat 15. Sep

In the Oslo Town Hall a gigantic scultpture of black plastic moves around like a hunter.

Wreck-list of extinct species is an interdisciplinary performance mixing movement, sound and visual art. A huge black plastic soft sculpture (like a pillow), inflated of air, moves in the space. As a hunter. This abstract objet has a very evocative power. As it swallows and spits humain beings, it could be consider like an allegory of Leviathans or a undersea legendary monsters, or a metaphor of Capitalism, humain conditions, etc. It has the power to amplify the imagination of who is watching, multiplying associations and conceptual layers.

The creators aim is to approach choreographic questions through a different art field and produce a new and original language: How to create movement with unanimated matter and how to petrify animated bodies. By inverting the relationship between a choir and its landscape, it is possible to write a partition for a soft sculpture and, through its manipulation, allow geometric forms to appear and to a whole new investigation on the presence of performers on stage.

This is an « elastic performance », that means it can be shown with different versions. In outdoor spaces, in indoor spaces, standard stages, museum, markets, stations, schools, etc. With a long or short version. With or without local persons (children, dancers, beginners, etc.), integrated after a short workshop. The standard formula team is with 6 dancers from the company. This time it will be presented in the main hall of Oslo Rådhus.


Director and Choreographer:
Pietro Marullo
Sound Designer:
Jean-Noël Boissé
Light Designer:
Julie Petite Etienne
Soft Sculpture and Costumes:
Pietro Marullo
Bertrand Nodet
Helena Arraju
Adrien Desbons
Noemi Knecht
Paola Madrid
Anais Van Eycken
Paola di Bella
Insemie Irreali Company
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