VOICE NOISE, 19. - 20. April

19. - 20. April

Echoes of the powerful voices of women.

  • Duration120 min inc break
  • Price360
  • StageMain stage

The title of the Belgian star choreographer Jan Martens’ brand new production, VOICE NOISE, parts 17 & 18, refers to the countless women throughout history who were suppressed for various reasons. Women’s voices were not allowed – and even today may still not be allowed – to be heard in the same way as those of men. More specifically, he takes the music of a number of female singers and artists from recent history. Do the names of Ruby Elzy, Cathy Anahid Berberin, Karen Dalton, Camille Yarborough and Ghédalia Tazanartés mean anything to you? No? They are all great artists and singers from the last 100 years, who have disappeared into the mists of history.

The piece starts in total darkness. We hear a woman singing. When the light comes on, there is a solitary microphone on the stage. Nobody to be seen anywhere. Gradually, the six amazing dancers come into view. All six have worked frequently with Jan Martens over the last few years. The soundscape alternates between silence and music, but the dancers do not stop. Solos, duets and big group choreographies come and go, just like the music. The dance is deeply personal and comes from the dancers themselves, sometimes to the music, and sometimes as a contrast to it.

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  • Choreography

    Jan Martens

  • Dance

    Elisha Mercelina
    Steven Michel
    Courtney May Robertson
    Mamadou Wagué
    Loeka Willems
    Sue-Yeon Youn

  • Rehersal director

    Zora Westbroeck

  • Understudies

    Pierre Adrien Touret
    Zora Westbroek

  • Lighting Designer

    Jan Fedinger

  • Costume Designer

    Sofie Durnez

  • Scenography

    Joris van Oosterwijk

  • Trainee

    Malick Cissé

  • Outside eye

    Marc Vanrunxt
    Rudi Meulmans
    Femke Gyselinck

Production: GRIP
International distribution: A Propic – Line Rousseau, Marion Gauvent, Lara van Lookeren
Co-production: La Comédie de Clermont-Ferrand, Maison de la Danse de Lyon, De Singel international arts center, Théâtre de Liège, Julidans Amsterdam, Le Manège - Scène Nationale de Reims, Romaeuropa festival, DDD – Festival Dias da Dança - Teatro Rivoli - Porto, Scène Nationale de Forbach, Charleroi danse - centre chorégraphique de Wallonie - Bruxelles, Festspielhaus St-Pölten, Tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf, Théâtre de la Ville - Paris, Équinoxe - Scène Nationale de Châteauroux
Recedencies: La Comédie de Clermont-Ferrand (FR), DE SINGEL (Antwerp, BE), Charleroi danse - centre chorégraphique de Wallonie - Bruxelles (BE)
Supported by: the Flemish Government, Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government via BNPPFFF.

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