Elle Sofe Sara

Vástádus eana / The answer is land, 04. - 06. February

Vástádus eana / The answer is land,
04. - 06. February

Community and kinship between people, with nature and with the earth that we all share.

  • Duration60 min
  • Price165-340
  • StageMain stage

Dates & times

  • 04. February - 18:00
  • 05. February - 18:00
  • 06. February - 18:00

The production has been created with and for seven female performers, each with different backgrounds and life experiences, each of whom brings their own story, body and voice to the work.

Elle Sofe is interested in the intention behind the movement, gaze, timing, direction, intensity and presence on the stage. The choreography was inspired by demonstrations, Sami spiritual practices and formation dance. The polyphonic joik is the supporting pillar of the production. It has been specially written for this production by Frode Fjellheim, composer and professor of joik. Fjellheim showcases the breadth of joik, and expands the definition of what traditional Sami music can be.

Kraftfullt på et stillferdig og storslagent vis.



  • Choreography

    Elle Sofe Sara

  • Dancers

    Kajsa Balto, Julie Moviken, Olga-Lise Holmen, Sara Marielle Gaup Beaska, Emilie Marie Karlsen, Nora Svenning, Grete Daling

  • Co-coreographer and stage manager

    Alexandra Wingate

  • Composer

    Frode Fjellheim

  • Costume designer

    Ramona Salo og Elle Sofe Sara

  • Sowing of hats

    Zoja Galkina, Unni Fjellheim, Sara Inga Utis Bongo, Karen Inga Buljo Oskal, Jorunn Løkvold, Hilly Sarre

  • Sowing of cardigans

    Karen Inge Buljo Oskal, Ann Mari Sara

  • Scenography

    Elin Melberg

  • Lighting design

    Øystein Heitmann

  • Dramaturg

    Thomas Schaupp

  • Lighting manager

    Anniell Olsen

  • Sound

    Håkon Elias Pettersen

  • Producer

    Maiken Garder og Magnus Nordberg

  • Origin of performance title

    RÁJÁCUMMÁ/ Kiss From the Border av Niillas Holmberg
    Outi Pieski
    Jenni Laiti

  • Photo

    Antero Hein

Produced by: Elle Sofe AS
Cooperating partners: Dansearena Nord, Sámi National Theatre Beavvás
Co-producers: Artistic Arts Festival, Norrlandsopraen