Digital streetdancefestival

Urban Moves Goes Digital!, 20. - 20. June 2020

Urban Moves Goes Digital!,
20. - 20. June 2020

Digital festival!

  • Duration180 min
  • StageMain stage

Dates & times

  • 20. June - 13:00
  • 21. June - 00:00

Urban Moves - Time for Change!

The festival aims to reflect society as it is today, and we acknowledge the need for change. We need to re-think and we need your help!

With this being said, we invite YOU to help us re-think the name of the festival, the content & also the structures.

Let’s build for the next decade together!
Thank you!

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«The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but building the new»

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Urban Moves is a key festival in Norway, focusing on dance styles that arose from urban cultures. The festival has been part of the program of Dansens Hus Oslo since 2011. The festival is a platform for jamsessions, battles, talks, workshops, conversations and performances. Working together with curators from the Norwegian hiphop and streetdance scene, the festival has developed into an important voice for artists working within styles such as breaking, hiphop freestyle, locking, popping and house. The festival aims to reflect society as it is today!

The festival will be streamed on zoom. See below for details.

This edition is designed to comply with the safety measures of the pandemic. It will be arranged as a one day program Saturday June 20th at 1pm - 9pm CET. The program consists of a webinar with Kat Francios, workshops by Queensy, Tweetboogie and Nelson, a blockparty with DJ Stew and friends.
Dansens Hus together with curators Huyen Huynh and Stew Menit are proud to welcome you to Urban Moves Goes Digital 2020:

Program Saturday, June 20th

13:00-14:00 CET Webinar followed by 15 min Q&A

1pm CET (13:00 Norwegian, Paris time)
12pm BST (12:00 British Summer time)
7am EST (07:00 New York)

with British performance artist, slam poet, playwright and activist Kat Francois. The webinar will focus on the political and societal potential of Spoken Word and other related cultural expressions when working with young or marginalized people.The webinar will explore performance poetry and performance art as a force and power to not only heal and aid communication but also to encourage social entrepreneurship and political engagement.The webinar will also focus on issues connected with the importance of young people finding a voice and the role art can play in both exposing and seeking to tackle social injustice.

14:00 - 15:00 CET Workshop Dancehall
2pm CET (14:00 Norwegian, Paris time)
1pm BST (13:00 British Summer time)
8am EST (08:00 New York)
with French dancer, choreographer and teacher Queensy in Dancehall.

15:00 - 16:00 CET Workshop Hiphop

3pm CET (15:00 Norwegian, Paris time)
2pm BST (14:00 British Summer time)
9am EST (9:00 New York)
with TweetBoogie from The South Bronx in New York. Dancer and choreographer for several of the major and most influential stars in USA. She will teach Hiphop.

16:00-17:00 CET Workshop Popping

4pm CET (16:00 Norwegian, Paris time)
3pm BST (15:00 British Summer time)
10am EST (10:00 New York)

with French dancer, choreographer and teacher Nelson. He is regarded as one of the best poppers in the world, and will teach Popping.

17:00-21:00 CET Digital Blockparty with DJ Stew, DJ Ake, DJ Patuu & Kapela

5pm CET (17:00 Norwegian, Paris time)
4pm BST (16:00 British Summer time)
11am EST (11:00 New York)

with DJ Stew and friends, playing their favourite music in different styles for dancers and movers. Special apperances by next year´s line up. Join us!

Participation is free and will take place on zoom.


Meeting ID: 993 4055 0522


  • Med

    Kat Francois

  • Host

    Huyen Huynh

  • Musikk

    DJ Stew