Urban Moves2021

Urban Moves Oslo 2021, 18. - 19. June 2021

Urban Moves Oslo 2021,
18. - 19. June 2021

Welcome to Urban Moves Oslo! This year's festival consists of a four-part performance, a conversation about the conditions of Hip-Hop dance artists and a kids workshop.

  • Duration60 min
  • Price100-150
  • StageMain stage

Dates & times

  • 18. June - 16:00
  • 18. June - 18:00
  • 19. June - 15:00
  • 19. June - 17:00

Welcome to Urban Moves Oslo! This year's festival consists of a four-part performance, a conversation about the conditions of Hip-Hop dance artists and a kids workshop. The festival is curated by Huyen Brown and Stevens Menit in collaboration with Kirre Arneberg from Dansens Hus.


A four - part program
Friday June 18 at 16:00
Friday June 18 at 18:00
Saturday June 19 at 15:00
Saturday June 19 at 19:00

Place: Main stage, Dansens Hus
Buy tickets: www.dansenshus.com

Film: An Urban Moves Oslo - short film project

A kaleidoscope works by reflecting light, and as you turn the tube, you will see patterns of colors in an everchanging and collaborative performance. A dance. Regardless of what angle that you see the world through, or what part you play on this stage, we hope this video brings you warmth and feelings of belonging. This vibe represents the urban movement of the city - welcome to Urban Moves Oslo 2021.

Concept by: Huyen Brown
Produced by: Klikkaus Entertainment Group (KEG)
Read more about: Ricky Carranza og Almareo Matugas

Performance: The Hustle

Life is like the suit that you inherited from a grandparent. An attire to grow into, a goal and a noble aspiration, as if this path was custom-made for you. But what if the suit you inherited is not tailored to fit you? Will you throw it away or will you make the most of it?
The Hustle is a dance performance about the patches and stitching of a suit well-lived.

Choreography: Stevens Menit
Concept/ Artist Director: Huyen Brown
Creating Dancers: Stevens «Stew» Menit , Cedric «C-Rock»Njonga , Mohammed «Funkymoe» Sheik Hussein , Martin « C.Martin» Abelsen
Costumes: Jar Filmpark
Producer: Dansens Hus
Music: Stevens Menit, Martin Abelsen

Performance: UHURU

Uhuru means freedom in Kiswahili, which is spoken in East and South Africa. Freedom is a topic all people can relate to. Man is often in conflict with himself and others, and finds himself in situations where choices must be made that are perceived as right for the individual. UHURU is a journey to freedom with a focus on independence, honesty and strength to inspire the individual's everyday life.

Creating & Performing dancers: Eshidoreen «Eshi» Paradiso, Aphinya «Appi» Jakobsson
Mentors: Zezé Kolstad, Jens Trinidad
Music: Nina Simone, D’angelo
Light: Dansens Hus
I collaboration with Soul Sessions Encounters 2021

Film: Visual Voice

Femme Fatale is an international dance collective based in Los Angeles consisting of Marie Poppins, Dassy Lee and Lily Frias. They come from Mexico, France and Korea. The trio performs regularly at concerts, in theaters with various shows and teaches with workshops all over the world. Their project is created out of a desire to increase women's influence and importance in the street dance field.

Creating and performing dancers: Mary Poppins, Dassy Lee, Lily Frias
Music: Clozee

UMO Salon

Date: Saturday 19 June 2021
Time: 13:00-14:30
Place: Studio Stage, Dansens Hus
Price: Free, but signing up is needed.

The Urban Moves Oslo Salon is a collaborative conversation focused on important topics within the Hip-Hop community with experts in the diverse fields.

The topic of 2021
How to get access to funds, resources and support as an artist rooted in the Norwegian Hip-hop dance community? The goal is to clarify the process from idea to realization, how to get your project on stage, further touring and the «after life» of an intellectual property. What are the common criteria and pitfalls, written and unwritten?

The conversation is led by the festival curator Huyen Brown and Kirre Arneberg, who is the project manager for Urban Moves Oslo at Dansens Hus and a longtime career dancer, teacher and producer in the independent field. For this topic we have invited Kristine Karåla Øren, union leader of Norske Dansekunstnere, Belinda Braza from the Arts Council Norway, Kira Senkpiel, producer at Bærum Kulturhus and founder of Re(Form).

Kids Workshop

Time: Saturday June 19th at 12:00 – 13:00
Place: At the lawn at Nedre Foss Park.
Price: Free, but signing up is needed.

A dance workshop with two creative performing artists, Maria Karlsen and Daniel Sarr. Together they will share their interpretation and love for rhythm-based dances and music such as Hip-Hop, Jazz and African dances and diaspora.

Sign up here.