Untz 8


Untz Baby Untz, 01. - 09. October

Untz Baby Untz,
01. - 09. October

An ineractive performance where bass and techno meets children party.

Family performance. Age: 0 -100

Inspired by the nightclub room’s magical world of pulse, smoke and neon lights; UNTZ BABY UNTZ is born - an interactive techno dance performance for children and their families, where bass and techno meets children’s parties. Scenography, dance, costume and music open up to interaction and create curiosity about colour, form, interaction and movement.

We need a party, recharging energy, releasing worries and dancing it off together in community. UNTZ BABY UNTZ, is a tribute to the wild, crazy and happy, and to the completely intuitive dance that lives within us. Through UNTZ BABY UNTZ, the choreographer My Grönholdt wants to explore the club phenomenon and the creation of a community.


  • Concept


  • Choreography

    My Grönholdt in cooperation with the artistic team

  • Dance

    My Nilsson
    Daniel Jeremiah Persson

  • Light design

    Filip Vilhelmsson

  • Music and sound design

    Erik Christoffersen

  • Consultants

    Martin Forsberg
    Dalija Acin Thelander

  • Photo and video


  • Producers

    Sofia Wickman

  • Photos of performance

    Tove Dreiman