Until Our Hearts Stop Iris Janke 02

Until our hearts stop, 10. - 12. March 2017

Until our hearts stop,
10. - 12. March 2017

In Meg Stuart’s production, six actors and three musicians find themselves in a place which is both a nightclub and somewhere more ambiguous.

  • Duration120 min
  • Price175 - 360
  • StageMain stage

Dates & times

  • 10. March - 18:00
  • 11. March - 18:00
  • 12. March - 18:00

Background material

  • Until Our Hearts Stop Portraits Iris Janke Jared

    Jeg tror hester vil like showet

    - We call on them a lot in this piece. Jared was the theatre graduate from New York that was headed for Broadway when the Twin Towers fell before his eyes, and he decided to move to Berlin instead.

  • Until Our Hearts Stop Portraits Iris Janke Neil

    Vi fortsetter. Vi spiser. Vi driter. Vi sover

    Until Our Hearts Stop is British actor Neil Callaghan´s first work with Meg Stuart. A work that fits him well, after all he wants to work with people not relying on old tricks and habits.


  • Choreography

    Meg Stuart

  • Created with and performed by

    Neil Callaghan
    Jared Gradinger
    Leyla Postalcioglu
    Maria F. Scaroni
    Claire Vivianne Sobottke
    Kristof Van Boven

  • Dramaturgy

    Jeroen Versteele

  • Live music

    Samuel Halscheidt
    Marc Lohr
    Stefan Rusconi

  • Original music

    Paul Lemp
    Marc Lohr
    Stefan Rusconi

  • Scenography

    Doris Dziersk

  • Costume design

    Nadine Grellinger

  • Light design

    Jurgen Kolb
    Gilles Roosen

  • Assistant choregraphy

    Francisco Camacho

  • Assistant scenography

    Giulia Paolucci

  • Assistant costume design

    Davy van Gerven

  • Artistic assistant

    Igor Dobricic

  • Photo

    Iris Janke
    Maarten Vanden Abeele