Undersang P Rbilde

Undersang, 30. May - 02. June

30. May - 02. June

A new work by Harald Beharie which takes the form of a collective excursion to the forest.

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Dates & times

  • 30. May - 00:00
  • 31. May - 00:00
  • 01. June - 00:00
  • 02. June - 00:00

The exact times TBA

Undersang is a tapestry of opulent configurations. A sculptural choir on floating sonic structures - singing beings, soaked in a shimmer of queer ecologies and extravagant gestures. A place where time dissolves, traditions bend, and dichotomies such as nature and society, civilized and uncivilized, synthetic and organic are obliterated. Undersang challenges the concept of hierarchy among beings, and speculates on the very essence of what is considered 'natural'.

In this hybrid experience, where choreography, music, and sculptural work unfold, mythologies, folklore, national romantic ideals, and science fiction converge and give rise to a multifaceted understanding of history, future, and the present. Here, the melodramatic grandeur and profound consequences of nature weave themselves into the very fibres of our beings, spilling forth into an unpredictable, entropic landscape. While the terrain undergoes a continuous process of dissolution and transformation, being caressed by both erotic and violent forces. Falling into the deep shimmer where glamorous beings sing and vibrate at night.

Background material

  • PLUKK MIKS 2024

    Plukk og miks

    Det er jammen ikke lett å være lommebok når vi slipper en sesong full av spennende ting. Men vi har en løsning på det; kjøper du billett til tre ulike forestillinger får du 30% rabatt.


  • Concept, choreography

    Harald Beharie

  • Artistic cooperation

    Christian Beharie
    Karoline Bakken Lund
    Veronica Bruce

  • Performers

    Amie Mbye
    Loan Ha
    Jens Trinidad
    Nosizwe Baqwa
    Carlisle Lienes
    Mariama Slåttøy
    Harald Beharie

  • Sculpture

    Karoline Bakken Lund
    Veronica Bruce

  • Music

    Christian Beharie

  • Costume

    Karoline Bakken Lund
    Harald Beharie

  • Producer

    Mariana Suikkanen Gomes

  • Outer eye

    Deise Nunes
    Hooman Sharifi

  • Photo

    Karoline Bakken Lund

Practical information: Check out our website for more information about time and place.

Co-producers: Black Box teater (Oslo), Dansens Hus (Oslo), Rosendal Teater (Trondheim), BIT Teatergarasjen (Bergen), Regional Arena for Samtidsdans (Sandnes), TOU Scene (Stavanger).
Supported by:
Kulturrådet, Fond for utøvende kunstnere, Fond for lyd og bilde.