Inger Cecilie Bertrán de Lis

Tumble in the Jungle, 25. - 26. September 2021

Tumble in the Jungle,
25. - 26. September 2021

Dansens Hus at Rommen Scene.

  • Price50 - 100
  • StageExternal

Dates & times

  • 25. September - 12:00
  • 25. September - 14:00
  • 26. September - 12:00
  • 26. September - 14:00

A visual, sensual and tactile production for children aged 2 - 6, with a focus on fellowship, humour and recognition

These are subjects that children can recognise, and give them joy and enrichment that can be found in a single moment.

Tumble in the Jungle is suitable for deaf and hearing-impaired children, a group which has been largely overlooked by dance art. At the same time, the production is also for children who do not have this disability, which means that it can be a unifying production for all children. On stage, we meet two dancers and one deaf musician. We follow their journey of discovery through absurd humorous and poetic tableaux.

- sanselig overskudd og leken kommunikasjon


  • Concept/choreography/direction

    Inger Cecilie Bertrán de Lis

  • Dramaturg/direction

    Robert Skjærstad

  • Scenography

    Carl Nilssen-Love

  • Composer

    Vidar Løvstad

  • Costume design

    Signe Vasshus

  • Rekvisitør

    Antti Bjørn

  • Light design

    Daniel Kolstad Gimle

  • Musiker

    Rita Lindanger

  • Altererende dansere

    Julie Moviken
    Mikael Rønne
    Oda Bjørholm/Cesilie Kverneland

  • Produksjon

    ICB Produksjoner

  • Duftkonsept

  • Foto

    Tale Hendnes/Dansens Hus