Andreas Hannes & Courtney May Robertson, 09. - 10. September

Andreas Hannes & Courtney May Robertson,
09. - 10. September

Doublebill with two young choreographers from Greece and Scotland, selected by Aerowaves 2022.

  • Duration50 min
  • Price165 - 280
  • StageMain stage

These two performances are two of twenty productions selected by Airwaves 2022 - Dance Across Europe. Airwaves is an European platform designed to promote new, emerging dance artists where Dansens Hus is one of many presenting partners.


  • Choreographer, performer and visual effects

    Courtney May Robertson

  • Outer eye (Robertson)

    Kristin de Groot
    Yoko Ono Haveman

  • Dramaturg (Robertson)

    Merel Heering

  • Music (Robertson)

    AAR - A01 & A02, Empty Set - Order, Cities Aviv - Title Piece, Death Grips - Disappointed

  • Trailer and registration (Robertson)

    Paul Sixta

  • Tecnical support (Robertson)

    Edwin van Steenbergen

  • Production (Robertson)

    Annejon Okhuijsen
    Hanne Blomee

  • Supported by (Robertson)

    Municipality of Rotterdam
    Kickstart Cultuurfond

  • Thanks to (Robertson)

    Bas de Geus, Adam Peterson og Nik Rajšek

  • Choreography

    Andreas Hannes

  • Performers (Hannes)

    Maud Huizing, Remy Tilburg, Laura Costa, Alberto Albanese

  • Music (Hannes)

    Gary Shepherd (DJ Streamer)

  • Song (Hannes)

    "Soul" av Rival Consoles feat.Peter Broderick - Courtesy of Erased Tapes

  • Light (Hannes)

    Marcel Slagter

  • Advisor (Hannes)

    Kristin de Groot

  • Photo (Hannes)

    Salih Kilic & Andreas Hannes

  • Produced by (Hannes)

    Dansateliers Rotterdam

  • Supported by (Hannes)

    Gemeente Rotterdam
    Kickstart Cultuur Fonds

  • Thanks to (Hannes)

    Bruno Listopad
    Antonia Steffens
    Charlie Laban Trier
    Elisa Zuppini
    Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen
    Paulina Prokop
    teamet til Conny Janssen Danst og Dansateliers

Warping Soul is part of DANSLOKAAL 8, an initiativ by Conny Janssen Danst, in cooperation with Dansateliers Rotterdam and Korzo Den Haag.

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