The Very Last Northern White Rhino, 09. - 11. September

The Very Last Northern White Rhino,
09. - 11. September

Is happiness possible in this chaotic world?

  • Duration55 min
  • Price165 - 280
  • StageStudio stage

The likely extinction of the northern white rhino is this performances original source of inspiration. Choreographer Gaston Core read about this endangered animal species in an article by New York Times journalist Sam Anderson, where he describes the two remaining white rhinos´s peaceful and carefree existence in Kenya. When these two bid farewell to life this bread will forever be extinct from earth. The deeply moving destiny of these animals is the starting point of a performance where the dance creates an existential coherence, and questions linked to our existence are a focus point.


  • Concept and direction

    Gaston Core

  • Performer


  • Music

    Jorge da Rocha

  • Light design

    Ivan Cascon

  • Stylist

    Eva Bernal

  • Cooperators

    Aina Alegre

  • Documentation, photo and video

    Alice Brazzit

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