UNDER, 25. - 28. January

25. - 28. January

The riches that a person carries within them.

  • Duration50 min
  • Price165 - 360
  • StageStudio stage

Dates & times

An ordinary day – an ordinary incident.
A woman walks up and sits down on a bench.
She sits very still. What is going on beneath and behind that still façade, in the inner world that is hers alone?

People need people, to share the riches of life that we all carry within us. Left to ourselves, in communication with ourselves, loneliness is an insistent factor. UNDER turns the focus on an increasing social problem - loneliness.

The production explores and visualises the diversity of histories, memories and experiences that a person carries within them, and that we share with others to varying degrees.

Background material


  • Direction/choreography/costumes

    Sølvi Edvardsen

  • Dancer

    Cecilie Lindeman Steen

  • Chello

    Bjørg Lewis

  • Composer

    Åsmund Feidje

  • Sound design

    Roy Knudsen

  • Film

    Elin Osjord
    Sølvi Edvardsen

  • Light design

    Paul Vidar Sævarang

  • Bench

    Mona Irene Grimstad

  • Sowing

    Taran Anne Sæther

  • Photo

    Elin Osjord

  • Producers/administration

    Kirre Arneberg
    Cecilie Lindeman Steen

Supported by: Norsk Kulturfond og Fond for Utøvende Kunstnere
Dansens Hus
Sølvi Edvardsen Productions