Hva leter du etter?

Skjeldal/Solli/Elle/Iden/Nilsen-Love/Belgau/Bjørnseth/Kvam Olsen, 3.–6. May

Skjeldal/Solli/Elle/Iden/Nilsen-Love/Belgau/Bjørnseth/Kvam Olsen,
3.–6. May

Spilles: Thu 03. May Fri 04. May Sat 05. May Sun 06. May

What do we need to feel that we belong, to experience a sense of belonging? For children from 4 years of age.

Bopera is a cross-genre performance, a kind of everyman’s art for children from four years old and upward, but it is also suitable for adults and young people. A transformer car turns into a gigantic musical instrument, and is the hub around which BOPERA revolves. A listening machinery of song, dance, theatre and performance art in which the performance questions various aspects of what it means to live and work in our times.

True to the meaning of opera in the sense of ‘work’ - a piece of work - the artists appear on the stage as a collective body, as workers. The car is put into motion - a manual, audible machine, a sea of voices - and a visual and sensory landscape unfolds. A journey begins and has already begun.

What can it mean to travel, to live and settle down in a strange place, to be an outsider? To sense a temporary connection, and disconnection. Travelling because you are escaping from something is not the same as travelling because you want to.


Marianne Skjeldal
Karstein Solli
Øystein Elle
Beata Kretovicova Iden
Carl Nilssen-Love
Kristjan Belgau
Jon-Halvor Bjørnseth
Thale Kvam Olsen
Outer eye, direction:
Nina Ossavy
External consultants:
Faith Guss
Sidsel Graffer
Video assistance:
Sabina Jacobson
Documentation photo/video:
André Wulf/ Dreiemoment AS
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