CandocoDance Company

Candoco x 3, 12. - 13. October

Candoco x 3,
12. - 13. October

Trisha Brown’s groundbreaking choreography from the 80’s paired with new work from Annie Hauer and Seke Chimutengwende.

  • Duration60 min
  • Price165 - 340
  • StageMain stage

During this year’s edition of CODA International Dance Festival, the audience gets an exclusive reunion with Trisha Brown Dance Company’s original choreography – in a new costume.

At the forefront is the British dance company Candoco Dance Company, recognized across national borders for its very distinctive performances regardless of disability. The company praises different ways of seeing and making art, invites the audience to a dialogue on the theme of dance and disability and expands the perception of what dance can be.


  • Choreographyi Set and Reset (1983)

    Trisha Brown

  • Choreography Set and Reset / Reset

    Kombinasjon av originalen og Candoco-dansernes koreografi

  • Direction Set and Reset / Reset

    Abigail Yager

  • Set design

    David Lock (based on original design by Robert Rauschenbergs from 1983)

  • Lysdesign

    Chahine Yavroyan

  • Costume design

    Celeste Dandeker-Arnold OBE (based on the original design by Robert Rauschenberg in 1983)

  • Music

    Laurie Anderson (music used with kind permission from Canal Street Communications / Laurie Anderson Studio)

  • Photo

    Chantal Guevara

  • Performers

    Ben Ash
    Megan Armishaw
    Ihsaan de Banya
    Joel Brown
    Olivia Edginton
    Anna Seymour
    Markéta Stránská

  • Music

    Laurie Anderson, Long Time No See

  • Visual design and costume

    Robert Rauschenberg

  • Lighting

    Beverly Emmons i samarbeid med Robert Rauschenberg

  • Original cast

    Trisha Brown
    Irene Hultman
    Eva Karczag
    Diane Madden
    Stephen Petronio
    Vicky Shick
    Randy Warshaw

Arranged in cooperation with CODA Oslo International Dance festival

World premiere: Autumn 1983, BAM, Opera House, Next Wave Festival European premiere: October 20, 1983, Montpellier and Avignon Festivals, La Chartreuse, France.
Set and Reset
is the company’s signature work and confirmed Trisha Brown as head of abstract choreography.