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Salve Regina, 9.–17. December 2017

Salve Regina,
9.–17. December 2017

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New full length performance by Jo Strømgren.

The production Salve Regina bears an innate belief that things will get better, and conveys the need for hope and relief in difficult times. The title refers to Ave Maria, which after being written down in the 12th century has become an extremely important part of our Western cultural history. In our own era, with all its confusion, doubt and increasing levels of conflict, it might be an idea to look back at what has helped people in the past. You do not have to be religious to see that the elements in religions which deal with hope and relief can make a difference.

Salve Regina signals new ambitions for Oslo Dance Ensemble. For the first time, they have created a full-length production which has the time and the willingness to delve fully into a homogeneous expression. Working with Jo Strømgren Kompani also signals the first international launch of the ensemble. Both companies have their own distinctive character, but if you take the best of both and mix them together, this means that the audience should be in for a real treat. And perhaps much more.  

A co-production between Oslo Dance Ensemble and Jo Strømgren Kompani.

- Med «Salve Regina» på Dansens Hus har Oslo Danse Ensemble definitivt satt en ny standard for seg selv.

- Salve Regina er fengende dansekunst som ikke er redd for å la det estetisk vakre virke på publikum

- Forestillingen Salve Regina har sine morsomme og sprelske sider, men er også mer naken i sitt uttrykk


Choreography, set design:
Jo Strømgren
Costume design:
Bregje van Balen
Johanna Sutinen
Lighting design:
Stephen Rolfe
Ellen Lindblad
Henriette Hamli
Mariama Slåttøy
Ariella Casu
Mikael Rønne
Matteo Carvone
Jubal Battisti
Artistic director:
Merete Lingjærde
Erik Berg
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