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Rosalind Goldberg, 17. August

Rosalind Goldberg,
17. August

Spilles: Sat 17. Aug

A solo performance in a time loop about how our surroundings, habits and actions can have a physical effect on our body.

Even things which seem completely normal and obvious on the outside can have quite a strong effect on the inside. For example, a word which may just be spoken in a social context and then disappears, can remain inside us, growing for many years. Any kind of action can have this effect. These actions can take shape and grow bigger and stronger in the complex network formed by our own bodies.

is a solo performance which visualises the effect that external actions can have on the body. Rut’s body grows, magnifying emotions and transforming them into formations which act in different ways. The clearly changeable body reveals something that is constantly taking place, but is usually hard for the eye to see: The perpetual process of change in the body, which is affected by much more than just biology. Where language, norms and laws can also manifest as habits and behavioural patterns with a direct, physical impact on our body. Rut dances, enlarges and shows us this transformation, bit by bit.


Concept and choreography:
Rosalind Goldberg
Developed and performed:
Marianne Kjærsund
Camilla Barratt-Due
Set design and costume:
Alexander Krantz
Light design:
Anton Andersson
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