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Rain, 29.–30. January 2017

29.–30. January 2017

Spilles: Sun 29. Jan 2017 Mon 30. Jan

The masterpiece Rain is one of Keersmaker’s most vibrant and vivid choreographies, first performed in 2001.

The music that accompanies the production is also superb: Steve Reich’s minimalistic Music for 18 Musicians. This is a piece of dance history, in the sense that it is a unique opportunity to experience a significant work that has established itself as one of Keersmaker’s most significant contributions to modern dance history.

Mathematical structures, the geometric use of space and continual variation are some of the characteristics of Keersmaker’s work. This piece pushes the boundaries of these to the limits. The dancers are seized by a madness of movement, a tidal wave that washes over their bodies without stopping. The ten dancers surrender themselves to an unstoppable, collective energy that binds each of them to the others. A throbbing union of breath, speed and sheer exhaustion.

- Simply to watch the collective patterns set in motion by the dancers is entrancing

The Guardian


Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
Danced by:
Laura Bachman
Léa Dubois
Anika Edström Kawaji
Zoi Efstathiou
Yuika Hashimoto
Laura Maria Poletti
Soa Ratsifandrihana
Frank Gizycki
Robin Haghi
Luka Švajda
Music for 18 Musicians, Steve Reich
Set and lighting design:
Jan Versweyveld
Costume design:
Dries Van Noten
Rehearsal director:
Jakub Truszkowski
Assistants for the revival:
Jakub Truszkowski, Marta Coronado, Ursula Robb, Clinton Stringer, Fumiyo Ikeda, Taka Shamoto, Elizaveta Penkova, Igor Shyshko, Cynthia Loemij
Artistic coordination and planning:
Anne Van Aerschot
Technical director:
Joris Erven
Costumes coordinator:
Heide Vanderieck, Jan Vanhoof
Charles Gysele, Christine Picqueray, Maria Eva Rodriguez
Emma Zune
Joris de Bolle, Michael Smets
Anne Van Aerschot
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