Hva leter du etter?

Øy, 10.–13. September 2020

10.–13. September 2020

Spilles: Thu 10. Sep 2020 Fri 11. Sep Sat 12. Sep Sun 13. Sep

The unknown people.

In a chaotic and unpredictable present day, Øy offers an escape from reality, on a quest for alternative narratives about the underdog. The people who are the silent driving force. The people we don’t yet know anything about.

In a hybrid between a spa resort and a fantasy battlefield, we explore the relationships between isolation, growth, vandalism and the silent nothingness. We become witness to a passive-aggressive inner landscape in which apparently meaningless rituals are the norm.

The production also explores the concept of islands as a poetic metaphor for restriction and alienation. With the help of the experimental pop duo Smerz, elements like water and stone become focal points on the stage. An evocative soundscape inspired by muscles and guitars, horror and romance provides a backdrop for the characters’ on their quest and exploration of the inner and outer auditorium.

Ole Martin Meland’s choreographic work is intuitive, direct and unpolished. He is one of the most experienced dancers in Carte Blanche, and has choreographed several works, including Brother for the company in 2013, and specially commissioned works for Groteska Theatre Krakow, Iceland Dance Company and Oslo Danse Ensemble.

- eksplosiv og konfronterende dans

- et suggerende univers

- den kuleste og mest spennende forestillingen jeg kan huske å ha sett


Ole Martin Meland
Guro Rimeslåtten
Irene Vesterhus Theisen
Mathias Stoltenberg
Timothy Bartlett
Dawid Lorenc
Anne Lise Rønne
Lin Van Kaam
Ole Martin Meland
Light design:
Silje Grimstad
Catharina Stoltenberg (Data, CDJs og vokal)
Henriette Motzfeldt (Data, CDJs, vokal og fiolin)
Tale Hendnes
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