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One gust of wind - and they all dance, 19.–22. May 2017

One gust of wind - and they all dance,
19.–22. May 2017

Spilles: Fri 19. May 2017 Sat 20. May Sun 21. May Mon 22. May

Kristina Gjems seeks the origin of movement and our common history through her choreographic work. Now she is back at Dansens Hus with a new production.

In One gust of wind we meet five female performers. Over time, they have each worked together and individually on five pictures of nature, using them as the basis of their movement. During the process, they have observed and got closer to each other’s material and bodies. Mutual and individual understanding, similarities and differences in speech, personality and expression are illustrated and connected. The audience is invited into a scenic landscape made up of organic mechanisms and processes, in which each of the five performers undergoes a common ritual. Without abandoning their own standpoint, they respond to what happens in between them. A network of roots becomes intertwined, sound spreads through the space, the air vibrates and the bodies are whirled by the same gust of wind.

The work examines the body and weather as nature, and the fact that we live through a cycle that is common to all life. Our ability to shed our skins, to manifest different beings, energies and stories is a recurring theme in Kristina Gjems’ works. Her aim is to access more of what we are, and touch on the common history carried by our bodies. By reaching the place within us that lies between intellect and instinct, Gjems seeks to create a space for wonderment and sensory perception. 


Kristina Gjems
Loan Ha
Fernanda Branco
Marianne Kjærsund
Cecilie Lindeman Steen
Kristina Gjems
Costumes and stage design:
Eric Williams
Morten Pettersen
Jorunn Kjersem Hildre
Tale Hendnes
Lighting design:
Martin Myrvold
Støttet av:
Norsk Kulturråd, Fond for lyd og bilde og FFUK.
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