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Old School, 16.–19. November 2017

Old School,
16.–19. November 2017

Spilles: Thu 16. Nov 2017 Fri 17. Nov Sat 18. Nov Sun 19. Nov

Time flies far too fast when you’re having fun. One day, the break dancers in Absence wake up, to find that time has run away from them.

They are sitting in an old folks’ home, grey-haired and trembling, and the highlights of their day are the bingo and a cup of coffee. Although their bodies are not what they once were, the six break dancers in Absence take up the battle against old age to stage one final, grand show. Old School is a production about the pleasures and transitory nature of life, and puts life in perspective. Using break dance, humour and a hefty dose of leg-breaking acrobatics, Absence shows that growing older certainly does not have to be boring.


Piero Issa
Halvard Haldorsen
Ole Petter Knarvik
Daniel Grindeland
Andreas Roksvåg
Hans Kristian Andersen
Christopher Cardoso
Piero Issa
Project manager:
Andreas Roksvåg
Jarle Hovda Moe
Fahil Anweri
Sound designer:
Kristian Brusletto Kjærholt
Sound and light technician:
Kristian Brusletto Kjærholt
Lighting designer:
Einar Bjarkø
Costume designer:
Linn Therese Michelsen
Makeup designer:
Mette Noodt
Mette Noodt
Live Brændmo
Props producer:
Magnus Holm
Music producer:
Tomtom Studio
Ole Hamre
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