Pichet Klunchun

No. 60, 02. - 04. September

No. 60,
02. - 04. September

Pichet Klunchun is the leading contemporary dance artist in Thailand.

  • Duration60 min
  • Price165 - 450
  • StageMain stage

Pichet Klunchun has been studying classical Thai dance since he was a child. He bases this production on the classical Thai masked dance Khon, which he learned from Chaiyot Khummanee, one of the foremost Khon masters in Thailand. Now he takes away the Khon dance’s face masks and highly decorated costumes and deconstructs the 700-year-old system. The result is a production in which tradition and innovation come together in a beautiful and unforgettable commentary on what dance is and can be.


  • Artistic director, choreographer & dancer

    Pichet Klunchun

  • Dancer

    Kornkarn Rungsawang

  • CG artist

    Jaturakorn Pinpech

  • Music and Sound designer

    Zai Tang

  • Set concept and Lighting design

    Ray Tseng

  • Dramaturge

    Tang Fu Kuen

  • Producer and company manager

    Sojirat Singholka

  • Production manager

    Cindy Yeong

Commissioned and co-produced by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Singapore.
Co-produced by TPAM – Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama and Taipei Performing Arts Center.