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Näss (people), 6.–7. September 2019

Näss (people),
6.–7. September 2019

Spilles: Fri 06. Sep 2019 Sat 07. Sep

A rhythmic journey of discovery in dance; innovative with deep roots in traditional Moroccan culture.

The first thing you hear is the rhythm, an echo from time immemorial. Seven male dancers gather around the suggested beat of the rhythm in a mix of hip-hop and traditional dance moves. Näss (people)takes you on a journey to the streets of Morocco, where modernity and tradition come face-to-face, creating very distinctive and unique hip-hop.

The Massala Dance Company is led by Fouad Boussouf who came to France from Morocco in 1983. His background is in hip-hop, jazz dance and circus, and since 1997 he has focused on contemporary dance and hip-hop.

- With Näss, choreographer Fouad Boussouf skilfully blends urban and contemporary dance styles: it’s a meeting between different times, different cultures – between the earthly and the spiritual.

Springback magazine


Fouad Boussouf
Assistand choregrapher:
Bruno Domingues Torres
Sami Blond
Mathieu Bord
Yanice Djae
Loïc Elice
Justin Gouin
Nicolas Grosclaude
Teddy Verardo
Lighting design:
Fabrice Sarcy
Costumes and stage design:
Camille Vallat
Roman Bestion
Technical director:
Romain Perrillat-Collomb
Floriane Pinard
Touring producer:
Petya Hristova
Tour manager:
Mathieu Morelle
Charlotte Audureau
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