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Mørke 1 - 4, 15.–18. October 2020

Mørke 1 - 4,
15.–18. October 2020

Spilles: Thu 15. Oct 2020 Fri 16. Oct Sat 17. Oct Sun 18. Oct

The darkness carries everything. The visible and invisible, the possible and impossible, brought together at a single point.

In the production Mørke 1-4, threads of darkness are woven together by an ensemble of three musicians and three dancers, all in movement, all together in the auditorium.
A poetic score forms the basis of the work, acting as a collective tool: a wind and a rhythm that shapes the process and the result in ways that we do not yet know.

Mørke 1-4 is made up of four parts:
1: Complete darkness
2: Silk mill
3: Clouds
4: Figures

Mørke 1-4 spins threads of skeletons, nerves, blood, organs, crowds, loneliness, hopes and dreams, to the furthest cosmos, distance and eternity. The production establishes a poetic horizon of experiences, in which every member of the audience gets the opportunity to move between layers of fiction, an acute sense of presence and the power of imagination, and through these, to listen to the pulse of the human animal: oneself.


Choreographic score and artistic director:
Janne-Camilla Lyster
Ellen Ugelvik
Tanja Orning
Per Zanussi
Louis Schou-Hansen
Cecilie Lindeman Steen
Ingrid Haakstad
Terje Tjøme Mossige
Light design:
Elisabeth Kjeldahl Nilsson
Asle Karstad
Ingunn Rimestad
Christian Blom
Antero Hein
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