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Metasexy, 17.–20. November

17.–20. November

Spilles: Wed 17. Nov Thu 18. Nov Fri 19. Nov Sat 20. Nov

Metasexy is a production which takes a closer look at portrayals and perceptions of the female figurein popular culture, and the possibilities for other ways of performing and understanding femininity and sexualized aesthetics. In this production, the choreographer Inés Belli continues her exploration of expectations and norms through a complex and surprising web of references. The production navigates through references from jazz dance, commercial dance and popular culture in negotiations between the body and gender, objectification and subjectivity, the performer and the spectator. In this negotiation, in the blur, in the glitch, is a space of possibility for other forms of awarness that can change perceptions and understandings of femininity and sexualized aesthetics.

Inés Belli is a young dance artist who is interested in how we can use choreography as a critical tool to rethink norms and structures in society. By shifting and confusing the spectator’s focus and the performer’s practice, she creates strong aesthetic expressions and complex choreographic structures. Her first full-length production, Postmodern Cool, was performed at Dansens Hus in May 2019.


Inés Belli
Sara Enger Larsen
Rina Rosenqvist
Amie Mbye
Natanya Helena Kjølås
Tormod Skår Midtbø
Light design and scenography:
Elisabeth Kjeldahl Nilsson
Sunniva Lindgaard/SASSY 009
Sound technician:
Emil Høgset
Alva Brosten
Frida Skinner
Technical advisor:
Solveig Styve Holte
Ilse Ghekiere
Tale Hendnes/Dansens Hus
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