Rina Rosenqvist

MASS, 08. - 11. December

08. - 11. December

A tribute to enjoyment, heathen cultivation, dance mania, mystery, darkness and all the ravers out there.

Can a rave party today be seen in the same context as a dance epidemic in Strasbourg in 1518?
Five hundred years ago, Strasbourg witnessed what may have been the world’s first rave. In the warm summer months of 1518, several hundred people started dancing feverishly in what became known as a dancing plague. Several of the participants danced until they collapsed. There are numerous theories about what caused the dance mania, but some researchers believe that poor harvests led to the growth of an ergot fungus, which can cause psychotic spasms and hallucinations similar to those caused by LSD.
In 2018, the 500th anniversary was commemorated with exhibitions and books in Strasbourg, and not least with a gigantic rave party hosted by a group of DJs calling themselves “1518”.
MASS was inspired by history’s numerous human rituals, where dance and music come together and can lead to pure euphoria, a collective trance and enjoyment. A rave is a beautiful sanctuary and place of refuge which promotes a feeling of closeness with the other ravers, the electronic music and the surroundings.


  • Concept/Choreography

    Rina Rosenqvist

  • Dancers

    Erlend Auestad Danielsen
    Even Eileraas
    Synne Elve Enoksen
    Synne Garvik
    Emilie Marie Karlsen
    Magdalene Solli
    Rina Rosenqvist
    Kasper Ravn Tovik
    Victor A.O.Pedersen

  • Music

    Bendik Baksaas

  • Trailer

    Millimedia AS

  • Trailer editing

    Jonas Carlsen

  • Light design

    Reidar Richardsen

  • Produsent

    Marte Golten

  • Kostymedesign

    LLL (Leonard Lundback, Mira Leff, Leon Lindgren)

  • Photo

    Tale Hendnes/Dansens Hus, Tor-Sven Berge

Supprted by Norsk Kulturråd and Oslo kommune
Co-produced by Dansens Hus Oslo
Thanks to: Tou, Montebøllo, Slaturhusid Egilsstadir, LungA Art Festival, LungA School, Kulturhuset Oslo, Dansekollektivet, Spin Off, Kreativ Lab v/CODA Festivalen, Ulf Nilseng, Lasse Høgenhof, Austin Thomasson, Kåre William Wulff/UDYR, Mats Willand, Tor-Sven Berge, Nanna Vibe Spejlborg Juelsbo, Kristian Høiland and all dance students at UiS (2015).