Lost Accidentally, 19.–21. May 2017

Lost Accidentally,
19.–21. May 2017

Spilles: Fri 19. May 2017 Sat 20. May Sun 21. May

The act of vanishing: we are all searching for something to be grasped, if not it’s lost forever.

Freud describes a common game, in which children get things to disappear and reappear, over and over again. It’s as if they are practising what it’s like to lose something.

Lost accidentally examines the themes of loss and disappearance. How we are affected by different experiences in this theme, both as individuals and as a community. We are constantly facing the threat of disappearance – not only through death, but also because we forget or are forgotten.  A constant dialectic between something that is permanent and something that is irreversible. The feeling of loss and annihilation also creates an absence. And the recreation of that moment when everything went wrong. It is a peaceful place, where there is space for the unexpected, the time before you face what comes afterwards.

Loss does not just mean losing something material, like something that fell out of your pocket. It also means the irreversible changes in our life and community – and our own inadequacy when we face these changes. Like starting to say something in a conversation, and then deciding to stay silent instead. Like wiping something out. A nostalgic perception of reality; something we wish was there. As if life itself could be revealed through a series of ‘lost and found’ moments.

Vanishing collection: Part of the work of this production involved collecting personal responses, stories, lists, poems and images relating to the theme of loss. Losses like physical loss, like making a mistake, like annihilation, like absence and presence, like emptiness and decay. The intention is to create a production that talks to us and about us, a collective us, created by memories and associations from everyone who has contributed to the project. 

It must be nice to disappear/To have a vanishing act/To always be looking forward/And never looking back.
Lou Reed, Vanishing Acts

It must be nice to disappear/To have a vanishing act/To always be looking forward/And never looking back.

Lou Reed, Vanishing Acts


Konsept, koreografi:
Francesco Scavetta
Utviklet i samarbeid med danserne:
Gry Kipperberg
Luke Divall
Ismaera Takeo Ishii
Meleat Fredriksson
Riina Kalmi
Henrik Olsson, Gianluca Mastronardi
Sasa Bozic
Stefano Stacchini, Gunnva Meinseth
Gjøril Bjercke Sæther
Francesco Scavetta
Gjøril Bjercke Sæther
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Vitlycke-Centre for performing arts (Tanumshede)
Tanzhaus Zurich (CH)
Espacio Ibsen Festival (La Habana/Cuba)
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