Koreografilaboratoriet 2021, 14. - 21. May 2021

Koreografilaboratoriet 2021,
14. - 21. May 2021

We will not be able to invite audiences for this years Koreografilaboratoriet. The project will however be conducted as planned artistically.

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Dates & times

  • 14. May - 19:00
  • 15. May - 19:00
  • 18. May - 19:00
  • 19. May - 19:00
  • 20. May - 19:00
  • 21. May - 19:00

The Choreography Laboratory is a golden opportunity to get to know some of the younger dance artists in Norway.

A jury has reviewed all the applications, and selected five choreographers who will present their works from 30 April to 5 May. This year’s artists are:

Carl Aquilizan: dis_func Carl Aquilizan (born 1994) studied in Leeds, but lives and works in Oslo. Together with six performers, he will take a closer look at what happens physically when we keep our emotions shut in. He has taken his inspiration from Butoh and expressionism.

Karen Eide Bøen: Danseskrivesolo Karen Eide Bøen (born 1986) lives and works in Bergen, and she bases the piece Danseskrivesolo around her own ‘100 questions about working sustainably as a performance artist’ and ‘being an artist in a small town on the edge of the edge of Europe’. She will use this work for an in-depth exploration of self-promotion and the local focus.

Chollada Phinitduang: Me, Myself and I Chollada Phinitduang (born 1990) was born in Thailand. She grew up in Norway and now lives in Oslo. She and dance artist Elise Austad will present a piece together. Taking their inspiration from major artists like Beyoncé’s and Billie Holiday’s interaction with the concept of ‘Me, Myself and I’, and the attitudes of various cultures to the ‘I’ and the ‘We’, the performers enter a universe which contains many pop culture, historic and sociological references to the ego.

Jens Trinidad: Alma Jens Trinidad (born 1987) lives and works in Oslo. Together with dancer Hugo Marmelada, he will manifest the heart and soul of the music in the production of Alma. Through their general background in hip-hop and long experience with contemporary dance, they will take a closer look at how the music affects their own and the audience’s bodies.

Jonas Øren: Somewhat Deconstructed Jonas Øren (born 1988) is from Høyanger, but lives and works in Oslo. His background is in classical ballet, and in this project he will examine what it means to portray oneself as a Forsythe dancer, through a deconstruction of the work ‘In the middle somewhat elevated’ by William Forsythe. Self portrayal in contemporary society is part of what Øren wants to delve into in this production.

The members of the jury this year’s Choreography Laboratory were Magnus Myhr, Hooman Sharifi and Solveig Styve Holte. The jury has selected applicants who show great artistic potential and a willingness to take risks, and for whom the Choreography Laboratory will be the right forum, providing them with artistic challenges and opportunities. They have selected a mix of newly established and more experienced dance artists.

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    Carl Aquilizan
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    Jens Trinidad
    Jonas Øren