kinShips, 20. - 23. April

20. - 23. April

Production for children age 0–2 and adults.

KinShip is an act of social exchange. Sharing germs is a natural and crucial aspect of performing love: kissing, sharing foods, being born, conception, changing nappies, wiping snotty noses, cuddling. As a new human in the world the exchange of dirty fluids is not unclean but essential. It is an inherent part of the life-dependent exchange of love, just necessary as food and drink for the growth and development of a new human being. KinShips explores the microscopic parts of our skin, and by doing so, lets the audience experience the invisible connections making up the universe that carry us.


  • Direction and og co-choreography

    Ellen Jerstad

  • Choreography

    Roza Moshtaghi

  • Originalbesetning

    Ida Haugen
    Janne Hillestad Mikkelsen
    Caisa Strømmen Røstad

  • Performers

    Janne Hillestad Mikkelsen
    Julie Moviken
    Caisa Strømmen Røstad

  • Music

    Torstein Lavik Larsen
    Magnus Nergaard
    Heida Karine Johannesdottir
    Anja Lauvdal

  • Scenography

    Baum & Leahy
    Annike Flo

  • Costumes and Props Assistant

    Zofia Jakubiec

  • Scenografi og kostymeproduksjon

    Hroar Hesselberg
    Anette Cecilie Danielsen
    Fie von Veer

  • Lysdesign

    Martin Myrvold

  • Sminke

    Elise Ommundsen Granli

  • Produsent

    Marianne Ek Malmåsen

  • Produksjonsprodusent

    Inger-Marie Lupton

  • Turnéprodusent

    Sandra Bringsjord Pape

  • Inspisient

    Kristina Lvova Høydal

  • Foto

    Samira Shaterian
    Josh Lake