Into The Open, 23. - 25. September

Into The Open,
23. - 25. September

Dance meets concert, that’s Into the Open’s pledge.

  • Duration70 min
  • Price165 - 340
  • StageMain stage

Seven performers embody the groove and share the energy of the music. They spur each other on with pimped krautrock from 2022, or Can’s repetitive theme crossed with The Chemical Brothers’ high voltage.
Voetvolk welcomes you for a wild, collective leap into limbo.

Let’s trance!

Background material


  • Concept

    Lisbeth Gruwez
    Maarten Van Cauwenberghe

  • Choreography

    Lisbeth Gruwez med utøvere

  • Performers

    Wei-Wei Lee,
    Celine Werkhoven,
    Artemis Stavridi,
    Misha Demoustier,
    Maarten Van Cauwenberghe,
    Frederik Heuvinck
    Elko Blijweert

  • Music


  • Dramaturgy

    Bart Meuleman

  • Repititor

    Francesca Chiodi Latini

  • Light design

    Yann Windey

  • Costume design

    Jean-Paul Lespagnard i samarbeid med Muriel Kunkel og Marcelo Chaviro

  • Sound

    Bart Van Immerseel

  • Technician

    Kevin Deckers

  • Production

    Kato Wilms & Rhuwe Verrept

  • Communication

    Sam Ecker

  • Production

    Voetvolk vzw

  • Diffusion

    Key Performance

Co-production: KVS – Royal Flemish Theatre, AB – Ancienne Belgique, Theater Im Pumpenhaus, Dansens Hus Oslo & Vooruit Ghent.
Recidencies: Troubleyn, KVS, NONA, Blikfabriek & Arts centre BUDA
With the support of: NONA, the Flemish Community & the Belgian Tax Shelter
World premiere: 24 February 2022 – Ancienne Belgique, Brussels.

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