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Inoah, 8.–9. June

8.–9. June

Spilles: Fri 08. Jun Sat 09. Jun

Dance crossing the borders between hiphop, breakdance and contemporary dance.

Bruno Beltrão, known for his virtuosic stage works, in which he probes for the field between hip hop, break-dancing and contemporary dance, takes a stance on the current political situation in Brazil through his latest play. On the backdrop of corruption scandals, Bruno Beltrão remarks, he pondered the questions how we are connected to our surroundings and how we are shaped by its incidents and ideologies. In Inoah, ten male dancers mirror the charged tension through a pulsating energy and an uncanny physical presence and virtuosity – like when they jump about the room like balls, get drawn to one another like magnets, immediately distancing themselves again. The predominantly black stage setting, interspersed with projections of snippets of the sky, suggests a view from inner space to an outer world in which scenes and atmospheres of urban life between confrontation, encounter, aggression and communality emerge.

Bruno Beltrão counts among the most important movers for artistic development in urban and contemporary dance, known for his deconstruction of hip hop. He designs complex, highly energetic and stringent choreographies on topics such as communality, media and globalisation. His “street crew”, founded in the Brazilian city of Niterói near Rio de Janeiro in 1996, comprises dancers of different urban dance styles. The title refers to the Brazilian city of Inoah, where the artist group has found a new production venue.


Bruno Beltrão
Assistant direction:
Ugo Alexandre Neves
Bruno Duarte
Cleidson De Almeida ‘Kley’
Douglas Santos
Igor Martins
João Chataignier
Leandro Gomes
Leonardo Laureano
Linaldo Pantoja ’Dhuk’
Ronielson Araújo ’Kapu’
Sid Yon.
Light design:
Renato Machado
Marcelo Sommer
Felipe Storino
Bruno Beltrão
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