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Ultima Vez

Revival: In spite of wishing and wanting, 16. - 18. September 2016

Revival: In spite of wishing and wanting,
16. - 18. September 2016

In Spite of Wishing and Wanting became a global sensation after its world première in 1999. Now Vandekeybus once more takes the world by storm.

  • Duration110 min
  • Price175- 380
  • StageMain stage

Dates & times

  • 16. September - 19:00
  • 17. September - 19:00
  • 18. September - 19:00

In 1999, Vandekeybus was already a well-established name in the world of dance, with a number of productions behind him. His works were, and still are, praised for their intense physical and poetic qualities. However, his focus has moved from instinctive reactions and emotions to inner consciousness and to some degree also subconscious reactions and structures. The relationship between man and woman has always been an endless source of inspiration for the choreographer.

 However, Vandekeybus made a radical decision in his work In Spite of Wishing and Wanting: He wanted to use only male dancers in the ensemble. The production became a smash hit all over the world. Part of the reason lies in the way he has succeeded in combining thematic risk with brilliant visuals, despite a comparative lack of resources. Well-known themes such as dreams and suffering were stripped bare of typical psychoanalytical clichés, and transformed into spectacular and poetic dance with the unmistakable Ultima Vez signature.

The production’s power stems from a seamless symbiosis between dance, theatre and film. The captivating dance is expanded and reinforced by David Byrne’s essential music, taking us into monologues about fear, the desire for safety, and the magical terror of sleep. The film The Last Words, which is part of the production, is based on two stories by the Argentinian author Julio Cortázar. Here we can see the original dancers from 1999, including Wim Vandekeybus himself.

- another remarkable production by Wim Vandekeybus' Ultima Vez company



  • Original music and soundscape

    David Byrne

  • «Fuzzy Freaky» remix

    DJ Food

  • Performed by

    Rob Hayden
    Eddie Oroyan
    Yassin Mrabtifi
    Guilhem Chatir
    Grégoire Malandain
    Luke Jessop
    Luke Murphy
    Flavio D´Andrea
    Knut Vikström Precht
    Cheng-An Wu
    Baldo Ruiz

  • Assistant choreographers

    Iñaki Azpillaga
    German Jauregui

  • Artistic assistant

    Greet Van Poeck

  • Stylists

    Isabelle Lhoas
    Isabelle De Cannière

  • Technical coordinator

    Davy Deschepper

  • Lys

    Francis Gahide
    Davy Deschepper

  • Lighting

    Bram Moriau

  • Sound

    Bram Moriau

  • Stage manager

    Tom de With

  • Production

    Ultima Vez

  • Co-production

    KVS (Brussels, BE)