Mia Habib Productions

10. - 13. November

10. - 13. November

how to walk, how to touch, how to fall, how to rise, how to trust, how to hope, how to dream, how to fight, how to change, how to surrender

  • How To. A Score

  • Filiz Sizanli: Like a rolling stone

    Which part of the body ages first? Our heart, our eyes… Is there a sequence for this?

  • Thais Di Marco: The wake

    This solo is a desperate attempt of returning devices to where they actually belong.

  • Thami Hector Manekehla: How to save you from yourself

    This is a body, a body named Soweto: this body is/it's also a place, this place is/it’s a forced settlement.

HOW TO. A SCORE is a macro-solo consisting of several stand-alone solos, based on a choreographic community and performance score developed by Mia Habib in collaboration with Janne-Camilla Lyster. Six prominent dance artists from six different countries have been invited to work with the score independently. They have worked with local communities in their respective countries and thereafter developed a solo. In Oslo they will all meet for the first time, performing at the Dansens Hus and Black Box Teater.
More about the performances at Black Box teater and tickets can be found here.

The dance artists are: Julie Nioche (Nantes, France, Black Box), Thais Di Marco (São Paulo, Brazil, Dansens Hus), Tommy Noonan (Saxapahaw, USA, Black Box), Filiz Sızanlı (Eskişehir, Turkey, Dansens Hus), Thami Hector Manekehla (Soweto, South Africa, Dansens Hus) and Mia Habib (Oslo, Norway, Black Box).

The score is based on Habib´s previous piece How to die – Inopiné, a transdisciplinary investigation on ecological grief, cultural panic and a feeling of collapse.

Besides the solo performances, the public is invited into a living archive. The living archive, spatialized by Liam Al Zafari, gives an insight into the score and the community work in the dance artist’s respective countries. It includes traces, memories, and tokens from the processes that can be seen and accessed by the audience in various multimedia formats.

“How to solo with this community? How to lift this community and make it solo together.”

The productions will be performed on:
Torsdag 10 November at 18.00
Friday 11 November at 18.00
Saturday 12 November at 18.00
Sunday 13 November at 13.00 and 18.00


Artistic concept & dancer: Mia Habib
Choregraphic score: Mia Habib & Janne-Camilla Lyster
Dance Artists:
Julie Nioche (Nantes, France, Black Box), Thais Di Marco (Sto Paulo, Brazil, Dansens Hus), Tommy Noonan (Saxaphaw, USA, Black Box), Filiz Sizanli (Eskisehir, Turkey, Dansens Hus), Thami Hector Mankehia (Soweto, South Africa, Dansens Hus), Mia Habib (Oslo, Norway, Black Box).
Produced by
: Mia Habib Productions
Six solos & research by the following artists:
Premiere (Trondheim) March 2022: Thami Hector Manekehla (South Africa and Filiz Sizanli (Turkey)
Premiere (Stavanger) May 2022: Thais Di Marco (Brazil), Julie Nioche (France), Tommy Noonan (USA)
Premiere (Oslo) November 2022: Mia Habib (Norway)
Scenography on The Living Archive: Liam Al Zafari
Light: Eirik Brenne Torsethaugen and Thomas Lønning
Artistc advisor: Monica Gillette
Advisor score: Chrysa Parkinson
Design - score: Camilla Skibrek
Producers MHP: Grethe Henden, Elisabeth Gmeiner & Siri Leonardsen
Photo: Yaniv Cohen & Arne Hauge
Local producers: Firat Kuscu (tr), Tetembua Dandara (br), Stéphanie Gress In (fr), Caitlyn Swett (us)
Local co-producers: Taldans (Eskişehir, Turkey), Statement Dance (Soweto,South Africa), Culture Mill (Saxapahaw, North Carolina,) Association d’Individus en Mouvements Engagés (Nantes, France), Interkulturelt Museum /coFUTURES (Oslo, Norway).
Co-prducers in Norway: RAS, TOU, Dansens Hus, Black Box Teater, BIT Teatergarasjen & DansiT
Supported by: Norsk kulturråd & Nordisk kulturfond – Globus Opstart