Hocus Pocus, 23. - 25. October 2020

Hocus Pocus,
23. - 25. October 2020

Playful and magical performance for children from the age of 7.

  • Duration45 min
  • Price150-300
  • StageMain stage

Dates & times

  • 23. October - 15:00
  • 24. October - 12:00
  • 24. October - 15:00
  • 25. October - 13:00
  • 25. October - 16:00

Hocus Pocus is mainly based on the power of images, their magic and the sensations they provoke. The very unique set design allows for a playful and magical exploration into a game of appearances and disappearances of both bodies and accessories.

The brotherly relationship that develops between the two dancers constitutes the show’s guiding thread, both through the hardships they create for themselves to toughen themselves up and through the fantastic voyage that subsequently awaits them.

Hocus Pocus is one of the few contemporary dance works intended for a young audience. It seeks to challenge the imagination of its audi- ence, while weaving a narrative that is open enough for each child to build his or her own story.

Background material


  • Concept and choreography

    Philippe Saire

  • Coreography in collaboration with dansers

    Philippe Chosson
    Mickaël Henrotay-Delaunay

  • Dancers on tour

    Philippe Chosson
    Pep Garrigues

  • Stage device realisation

    Léo Piccirelli

  • Props and accessories

    Julie Chapallaz
    Hervé Jabveneau

  • Sound design

    Stéphane Vecchione

  • Technical direction

    Vincent Scalbert

  • Construction

    Cédric Berthoud

  • Music

    Peer Gynt av Edvard Grieg

Co-production: Le Petit Théâtre de Lausanne, Jungspund Festival St. Gallen. En samproduksjon i rammeverket til Fund Young Audiences by Reso – Dance Network Switzerland.
Supported by Pro Helvetia.
Also supported by: Ville de Lausanne, Canton de Vaud, Pro Helvetia– Swiss Arts Council, Loterie Romande, Fondation de Famille Sandoz, Migros Culture Percentage.
Cie Philippe Saire is producing at Théâtre Sévelin 36, Lausanne.