Grief will be our companion photocred Achy Ouafik CODA

grief will be our companion, 26. - 27. October 2021

grief will be our companion,
26. - 27. October 2021

CODAdancefest 21

  • Duration60 min
  • Price155 - 320
  • StageStudio stage

Dates & times

  • 26. October - 18:00
  • 27. October - 18:00

Geir Hytten has invited Corentin JPM Leven, Kristoffer Lislegaard, Jacob Ingram-Dodd and Terje Tjøme Mossige to a daily artistic practice to see how we can embody the societal changes necessary for a sustainable future.

Creating a precarious atmosphere on stage they explore the interplay between tactile and imaginary textures, letting movements live and die in perpetual making and unmaking, like humus formation on speed. Both beautiful and violent, the audience is witnessing an attempt to stretch the notion of the physical body as a momentarily present into a timeless one.

“grief will be our companion” suggests that we need to learn to live with climate-grief as a lifelong companion and how to inherit the earth without denial and to stay with the trouble of a damaged reality. Together we will come to terms with loss and come to appreciate what it means, reflecting on how we must change and renew our relationships if we are to move forward.

Background material


  • Choreographer

    Geir Hytten

  • Dancers

    Geir Hytten
    Jakob Ingram-Dodd

  • Sound

    Kristoffer Lislegaard

  • Light

    Corentin JPM Leven

  • Artistic advisor

    Terje Tjøme Mossige

  • Photo

    Achy Ouafik/CODA

Co-produced by CODA and DansiT, supported by Norsk Kulturråd and Fond for Lyd og Bilde.