Goodbye Kitty, 22. - 23. October

Goodbye Kitty,
22. - 23. October

Concert, party and performance rolled into one!

Suitable for children aged between 9 and 12.

You are invited to a goodbye party! Or is it a welcome party? When you say goodbye to someone, do you not also welcome someone new? Welcome to a way of taking another look at the world! Goodbye Kitty is a playful, colourful and engrossing production for children aged between 9 and 12, and invites the audience into a space where the personal becomes political – a production about gender identity and new opportunities. Rebekka/Huy are the hosts of a celebration of gender creativity, and create a space in which children and adults can spend time together and reflect on who they want to be and who they will become.


  • Direction

    Rebekka Nystabakk
    Huy Le Vo

  • Set design, costume design and lighting design

    Chrisander Brun

  • Composer

    Rakel Nystabakk

  • Performers

    Magnus Myhr
    Rakel Nystabakk
    Ellen Andreasen
    Marius Lien

  • Original cast

    Ellen Andreassen
    Lars August Jørgensen
    Magnus Myhr
    Rakel Nystabakk

  • Dramaturgical assistance

    Cecilie Lundsholt

  • Touring technician

    Sindre Stølsdokken

  • Photo

    Chrisander Brun

The performance is created together with the original cast.