Hva leter du etter?

Glemt, 17.–18. November 2018

17.–18. November 2018

Spilles: Sat 17. Nov 2018 Sun 18. Nov

GLEMT is a performance with the brutality of World War Two in northern Norway as backdrop.

I ask my granddad what sound he remembers best from the war. He answers “The hatch that was battened down above us when the torpedo alarm sounded.” Granddad recounts how at the age of eleven he was taken from his home and forcibly evacuated on the German ship Karl Arp. Why hadn’t I heard about this before? Why hadn’t I asked?

The contemporary dance performance FORGOTTEN digs into the collective and individual memory of the World War 2, in which Northern Norway and its inhabitants were hit particularly hard.

Through authentic sound recordings, objects and movements the performance seeks to explore the mysterious nature of memory, trauma, survival and hope. To loose, to forget, to repress and recall. And to try to rise again.

Simone Grøtte
is a contemporary dance choreographer from Lakselv in Northern Norway. Her work is strongly influenced by her indigenous Sami background and living and working in the arctic region, where these elements are woven into a modern expression in the theme, scenography and music. Her projects explore questions revolving around identity and belonging, with an approach focusing on human emotions and perspectives. Grøtte has collaborated on productions with large institutions such as Hålogaland Teater, Varangerfestivalen and The Arctic Arts Festival. The last of these on the critically acclaimed and popular performance GLEMT / FORGOTTEN.

- She has a unique talent for giving local history universal relevance, and a unique ability to transform trivial subjects into something exotic.
Jo Strømgren

- Så sterk. Så heftig. Så vakker. Så viktig (Terningkast seks)

- fortellerkunst på sitt aller, aller beste (Terningkast seks)


Konsept, direction an choregraphy:
Simone Grøtte
Hanne Svenning
Karianne Andreassen
Dag Rune Sjøli
Henriette Hamli
Stian Bergdølmo
Composer and Light Design:
Herman Rundberg
Set Design:
Mari Lotherington
Costumes and sowing:
Caroline Evju
Else Ciljan Jakobsen
Light Design:
Tor Ditlevsen
Historic consultancy:
Arvid Petterson
Assisting Director:
Katrine Strøm
Mask Design:
Ole Elias Høve
Mariell Amelie Lind Hansen
Strykere fra Nordnorsk Symfoniorkester
Kristian Olstad
Herman Rundberg
Ola Bremnes
Mari Boine
Inger Márja Eira
Samisk Samspillgruppe
Herman Rundberg
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