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For the Sky not to fall, 8.–10. September 2017

For the Sky not to fall,
8.–10. September 2017

Spilles: Fri 08. Sep 2017 Sat 09. Sep Sun 10. Sep

"There is only one sky and we must take care of it, for if it becomes sick, everything will come to an end.”

These are the words uttered by Davi Kopenawa, the shaman of the Yanomami people in the Amazon forest. “The harmony of life in the universe is disrupted, the sky - ‘that which is above us’ - will fall down on all of which is below.”How can we not give up, when every day we are confronted with the forces of chaos and haunted by disasters and atrocities… What is left to do? What can each of us do to uphold the sky?There is no time to lose before everything collapses. The sky is already falling and here we are, living under it. Let us join our inner strength to hold this sky. Each one in its own way. We dance on the rhythm of machines and cars, helicopters, sirens, we dance with rain and storm and burning sun, we dance as an offering and a tribute, to not fade, to last and to rot, to move the air and to expand, to dream and to visit dark places, we dance to become fireflies, to be weak and to resist. We dance to find a way to stay alive and to survive this world turned upside down.


Lia Rodrigues
Silvia Soter
Nicolas Boudier
Artistic collaboration and images:
Sammi Landweer
Choreographic Assistant:
Amalia Lima
Stage Manager:
Magali Foubert
Adminitration / booking:
Thérèse Barbanel
Danced and created in close collaboration by:
Amalia Lima
Leonardo Nunes
Gabriele Nascimento
Francisco Thiago Cavalcanti
Clara Cavalcante
Felipe Vian
Glaciel Farias
Luana Bezerra
Carolina Repetto
Maruan Sipert
Valentiana Fittipaldi
With the participation to the creation:
Clara Castro
Dora Selva Thiago de Souza
Francisca Pinto
Sammi Landweer
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