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Fly & Falle, 22.–26. February 2017

Fly & Falle,
22.–26. February 2017

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Only two male dancers in a production for young children would be unusual enough. But these two also fly!

Florian Bilbao and Rafael Dziemidok come flying in from Berlin with their comical, poetic and enthralling production – in Norway for the first time. The theme – not surprisingly, given the title – is flying and falling. Children young and old learn something new: that flying and falling belong together, whether it’s from a great height or closer to the ground. The result is always the same. After a trip through the air which might be long, but is more often short, we usually land on all fours. But then the urge seizes you again, the desire to stand up, regain your balance and finally: try flying again!

Frank Fierke, a space and air object artist, has created a machine that allows us not only to walk, but also to make crazy jumps and landings.  First to try it are the dancers, and then the audience also gets the chance to try and fly. 

Duration: 30 minutes plus 15 min. Play after the performance. 


Consept :
Florian Bilbao
Choreography and performance:
Rafal Dziemidok
Florian Bilbao
Stage design:
Frank Fierke
Moritz Gagern
Costume design:
Sebastian Ellrich
Lighting design:
Klaus Dust
Production assistance:
Michaela Millar
Alicja Morawska-Rubczak
Production management:
Doreen Markert
Artistic project management:
Vera Strobel
David Beecroft
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