Flekker foto Yaniv Cohen

Flekker, 30. May - 17. June 2021

30. May - 17. June 2021

Flekker is a mini dance performance that would love to visit kindergartens in Oslo, Kristiansand, Bergen and Trondheim in June.

  • Duration12 min
  • PriceGratis
  • StageExternal

Dates & times

  • 30. May - 22:00
  • 17. June - 22:00

Four colourful ‘Flekk’ dancers suddenly appear outside the kindergarten, stir the imagination and evoke wonder through movement and music.

Flekker was created by dance artist and choreographer Yaniv Cohen in response to the social lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Its aim is to bring the joy of dance to children at a difficult time. This is a playful production that brings joy, provokes curiosity and encourages spontaneous reactions from children.

Flekker is intended to be a surprise for children, and is performed outside and at a safe distance for infection control reasons. When the performance is over, the Flekk dancers disappear as suddenly as they arrived. The project has been evolving and expanding since March 2020, and the Flekk dancers are looking forward to performing in front of even more children in 2021.

This is a free service that presents dance art in a small and informal format. Each performance lasts for around 12 minutes and is ideal for older kindergarten children.

Performance dates are between 31 May and 18 June.

Sign up your kindergarten HERE.

Background material


  • Koreografi og idé

    Yaniv Cohen

  • Dansere

    Oda Bjørholm
    Maja Furnes
    Chollada Phinitduang
    Madeleine Fairminer

  • Foto

    Yaniv Cohen

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