Carte Blanche

Echo Flux, 12. - 15. September 2019

Echo Flux,
12. - 15. September 2019

Double production with a focus on the relationship between dance and music.

  • Duration100 min inc break
  • Price150 - 300
  • StageMain stage

Dates & times

  • 12. September - 17:00
  • 13. September - 17:00
  • 14. September - 15:00
  • 15. September - 17:00

Echo Flux is Annabelle Bonnèry’s first production as artistic director of Carte Blanche. The production offers two exciting encounters with two choreographers and two composers who have never worked together before. The artists are challenged in their approach to the two artistic fields and how this affects the way they work together to create a production.

the departed Heart
by Alban Richard (FR) and Sebastian Rivas (AR)
Inspired by Robert Burton’s 1621 book The Anatomy of Melancholy, the production is based on the different ways dancers use breath to create sound and rhythms, and on a mechanical breathing installation on the stage. Choreographer Alban Richard is head of Caen’s National Choreographic Centre in France. In the departed Heart, he works with for the first time with the composer Sebastian Rivas, who received the Silver Lion award at the Biennale di Venezia in 2018.

by Ayelen Parolin (AR) and Ezra (FR)

Primalsearches for the moment when we lose ourselves, and is an attempt to restore that which has been broken, shattered and split. The production explores lost knowledge about how our ancestors lived in symbiosis with nature. In Primal, choreographer Ayelin Parolin works with the French beatboxer Ezra, in a production which highlights mankind’s historical relationship with nature and the lost cultures, traditions and rituals we no longer have the codes to understand.

- dynamisk, dramatisk og dyrisk

Bergens Tidende

Background material

  • Foto Tale Hendnes 2 306

    Carte Blanche: Primal

    Echo Fluxbestår av to distinkte forestillinger skapt av en koreograf og en komponist som tidligere ikke hadde møtt hverandre. Ayelen Parolin (koreograf) og Ezra – Vincent Chtaibi (komponist) står bak Primal.

  • Foto Tale Hendnes 2 75

    Carte Blanche: the departed Heart

    Echo Fluxbestår av to distinkte forestillinger skapt av en koreograf og en komponist som tidligere ikke hadde møtt hverandre. Alban Ríchard (koreograf) og Sebastian Rivas (komponist) står bak the departed heart.


  • Choreography

    Alban Richard (the departed Heart)
    Ayelen Parolin (Primal)

  • Composers

    Sebastian Rivas (the departed Heart)
    Ezra - Vincent CHTAIBI (Primal)

  • Assistant coreographers

    Daphne Mauger (the departed Heart)
    Marc Iglesias (Primal)

  • Lighting design

    Alban Richard og Robert Roespel (the departed Heart)
    Thomas Bruvik (Primal)

  • Costume design

    Rachel Garcia (the departed Heart)
    Ayelen Parolin (Primal)

  • Sound assistant

    Max Bruckert (the dependent Heart)

  • Dancers the dependent Heart

    Adrian Bartczak
    Karen Lynne Bjerknesli
    Daniel Mariblanca
    Tilly Sordat
    Caroline Eckly

  • Dancers Primal

    Ole Martin Meland
    Timothy Bartlett
    Anne Lise Rønne
    Sebastian Biong
    Aslak Aune Nygård
    Dawid Lorenc
    Guro Rimeslåtten
    Noam Eidelman Shatil

ECHO FLUX is co-produced with Festspillene i Bergen 2019, Grame, centre national de création musicale and Centre Choréographique national de Caen, Normandie.