Dronninger, 27. - 30. April 2022

27. - 30. April 2022

A celebration of the mature dancer and a tribute to all the dance artists who have been involved in dance art through the years.

  • Price165 - 340
  • StageMain stage

Dates & times

  • 27. April - 19:00
  • 28. April - 19:00
  • 29. April - 19:00
  • 30. April - 19:00

In Dronninger, we meet dancers aged between 53 and 74. The eldest has been prominent in Norwegian dance for many years, and shares her experiences after taking a break of several years from the stage. Bringing the narratives of older dancers to the stage gives them a voice and a subject. Each dancer is highlighted through an alternative and symbolic interpretation, and shares her reflections through dance, video and text. Strength, humour and sensuality will provide a voice to counteract the sadness and illness that we often associate with age, and will leave an impression of experience as a positive resource and give the audience an inspiring optimism about the future.

Background material


  • Dancers

    Lise Nordal
    Kjersti Kramm Engebrigtsen
    Caroline Wahlström Nesse
    Kari Anne Vadstenvik Bjerkestrand
    Liv Hanne Haugen

  • Choreographer

    Un-Magritt Nordseth

  • Composer

    Rune Rebne

  • Set design/videos

    Sabina Jacobsson

  • Costumes

    Maren Saedi

  • Maske

    Stig Wedvik

  • Lysdesigner

    Martin Myrvold

  • Producer

    Cathe Sjøblom

  • Dramaturgical advisor

    Hege Randi Tørressen

  • Photo

    Tale Hendnes/Dansens Hus

In memory of Katrine Tolo.
Supported by: Kulturrådet, Bergesenstiftelsen, Viken Filmfond, Det Norske Komponistfond, Fond for utøvende kunstnere, Kulturrådet, Bergersenstiftelsen, Kunstnerforeningen and Oslo Kommune.
Co-production: Dansens Hus, Oslo

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